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Always using the latest equipment is one of the important factors for EXiTOTECH to maintain its market competitiveness. All EXiTOTECH brake pads are manufactured by single-cylinder, single-cavity and independent cavity heating press machine. These results brake pads have more uniform density content and proven to have much better stopping performance.

The automatic backing plates punching machine improves stamping accuracy and can make find blanking area over 85%. In addition to these features, EXiTOTECH brake pad powder is automatically weighed, conveyed and fed by the computer. During the powder feeding process, the material is sealed in the whole process, which is clean, pollution-free and safe to environment.


  • CP-26: Premium Low-Copper Ceramic

    Recommended for All Passenger Cars & SUV(s)


    Superb Smooth Braking

    Superb Stooping Power

    Superb Quite performance

    Superb Dust Free

  • CP-27: Professional Ceramic

    Recommended for small Passenger Cars


    Superb Smooth Braking

    Superb Stopping Power

    Super Quite performance

    Excellent Dust Free

  • CP-29: Premium Less Metallic

    Recommended for All Passenger Cars & SUV(s)


    Excellent Smooth Braking

    Excellent Stooping Power

    Good Quite Performance

    Good Dust Free


  • EXiTOTECH brake shoe are designed with premium quality materials


    Low Metal Friction Formula

    Rust Protection Coated Steel.



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